2018 Porsche 718 Cayman S Offers Superb but Pricey Ride

Excellent Porsche 718 Caiman S Nice Design Gallery

The auto version of the mid-engine 718 Boxster roadster, the 718 caiman, delivers Porsche-grade thrills for fewer cash than the flagship 911 sports cars. over closing the highest on the Boxster, the caiman includes a sleek and fashionable look that signals its heritage and track-ready performance.

The caiman continually has been concerning imperturbable, scalpel-sharp handling. That hasn’t modified one bit with the newest 718 caiman. It remains a wonderfully balanced, two-seat sports automotive that is comfy enough to be driven daily. the largest draw back is that, despite the fact that its beginning worth is on the low aspect for a Porsche, it’s significantly costlier than the typical automotive. And Porsche’s dizzying level of customization choices means that the value will skyrocket quickly.

We rented a 718 caiman S from Porsche outfitted with several of these expensive choices. though we tend to most likely wouldn’t check the box on many choices, if it had been our cash, we tend to we tend tore able to judge the a lot of powerful S version versus the base-engine 718 Boxster we antecedently tested.

The Porsche 718 caiman S competes against cars akin to Audi TTS, BMW M2, Chevrolet war vessel, and therefore the Nissan 370Z—all enthusiast-targeted sports cars with distinct personalities.

How It Drives

Like the Boxster, the 718 caiman has created the switch from six-cylinder engines to turbocharged four-cylinders. This ends up in the loss of the high-revving zing we tend to idolized within the previous caiman however conjointly means that drivers will get power a lot of simply and higher fuel economy.

The caiman S fires up with a bark from its centrally set, twin-outlet exhaust. when associate degree initial hesitation once fast from a standstill, the turbocharged four-cylinder engine responds smartly to the driver’s right foot, moving the caiman S down the road with spectacular speed. It won’t be mistaken for the wailing, high-revving six-cylinder engine that came within the last caiman, however the new flat-four includes a distinctive sound of its own, that becomes sweeter because the revs increase.

Porsche’s nonobligatory seven-speed transmission delivers fast, direct, and timely shifts. Paddles behind the wheel are often accustomed manually management shifts throughout avid driving, however the transmission works well even once left to its own devices. For driving purists, a six-speed manual comes commonplace.

The independent agency rates the caiman S at twenty four mpg combined, that is pretty economical for a superior sports automotive. we tend to got twenty six mpg overall throughout our testing of the 718 Boxster with the smaller, base four-cylinder turbo.

The caiman takes to corners with a preciseness few different cars—regardless of price—can match. The mid-engine layout and well-tuned suspension endow the caiman with fantastic balance, whereas the precise steering communicates wonderful feedback. Not solely is that the caiman capable of taking corners with nice speed, however it’s conjointly a stable and forgiving partner, serving to even less virtuoso drivers feel comfortable with its capabilities.

Our rented caiman S had a sport version of Porsche’s nonobligatory adjustive mechanical system, that rides nearly an in. not up to the quality setup. shift the adjustable suspension to its stiffer setting makes the automotive unyielding to the purpose that it’s best reserved for canon strafing and track days. The automotive rides on the firm aspect even in its traditional mode, however there’s enough bump absorption to form it inhabitable driving around city or once cruising on the road.

Porsches area unit sometimes known for having firm, easy-to-modulate brakes, and therefore the 718 caiman doesn’t spoil. This caiman S had Porsche’s nonobligatory ceramic-composite brakes, that hang on nearly $7,500. they are most likely solely a worthy investment if track days are going to be a giant a part of the owner’s caiman life style.
The caiman is louder within than most cars. the largest tumult comes from the engine that’s simply behind the driver’s head. The sound is present and clatters even once driven gently. The exhaust roar becomes a lot of refreshing because the revs climb.


The caiman sits low to the bottom. It helps if occupants area unit limber enough to slip over the wide sill and change posture into the contoured seats; exiting means that they will have to be compelled to pull themselves up and get in a less-than-graceful manner.
Once in, the driving position feels good for jazzy driving, with a good read out over the low hood. The well-bolstered seats hold occupants in situ, and supply all-day comfort. Larger drivers can feel jammed by the wall-like center console and comparatively scant foot area.
The instrument cluster is dominated by an outsized measuring system that sits directly within the middle, a reminder of Porsche’s sport heritage. the middle console is chock packed with tightly packed, similar-looking buttons that take some familiarity to grasp their purpose, however the documentary screen has clear graphics and is simple enough to use.
Small-item storage within the cabin is distributed, however the caiman comes with not one, however 2 trunks: a slim, deep well below the hood and area behind the engine below the hatchback.

Safety and Driver-Assist Systems

Overall, the caiman is insufficient on offered driver-assist options, and a forward-collision warning system is offered as a part of the nonobligatory adjustive controller package. This vital characteristic is simply offered on cars with the automated transmission. Blind-spot warning is another useful choice, particularly as a result of the Cayman’s rear visibility is hampered by thick back pillars.

CR’s Take

The Porsche 718 caiman S is associate degree absolute blast to drive. It’s a pure sports automotive with elite levels of grip and speed, nonetheless it’s comfy and helpful enough to be over simply a weekend toy. the maximum amount fun because the caiman S is, though, a purchaser will get nearly identical driving excitement for concerning $12,000 less by sticking out with the still fast and thrilling, 300-horsepower base model. After all, driving a Porsche is concerning the very good handling and tactile sensations. The top-ranking caiman GTS, that boasts 365 H.P. and starts at $80,700, is for World Health Organization|those that|people who} feel they merely should have the last word version and who ideally have access to a track to explore its spectacular capabilities.
Sticking with the quality six-speed manual transmission saves concerning $3,200 over the nonobligatory automatic, and we’d argue the manual casing adds to the sports-car expertise. At $56,900, the bottom caiman is associate degree unbelievably capable sports automotive, and it starts concerning $2,000 under the Boxster convertible.

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